What is the electric kettle thermostat?

by:Edison      2020-08-26
Kettle is our daily use of small home appliance, but its internal components and safe protection measures you may not too clear, and general electric kettle - the necessary safety protection measures device - Electric kettle hvac thermostat. As an electric kettle key components is the temperature control switch, automatic switch used in electric kettle temperature control switch has two categories: one is a sudden jump type temperature control switch, one kind is rotate 360 degrees temperature switch; The first kind of temperature control switch is simple and low cost, are widely used in various in pot, an electric kettle, there are two temperature control switch controls, an automatic power for water boiling temperature control switch, one is controlled to prevent dry heating temperature control switch for lack of water. Electric kettle thermostat, has connected components and main components of two parts, connecting components have a shell, Ann connection insert in the shell, ground insert, touch, and L, N contact pills, dynamic contact with stent; Main components are the main body, in the main body of temperature control, jump bar, L, N pole piece and grounding piece, its temperature control chip has low and high temperature, low temperature contact cooperate with jump bar, jump bar on the main body, high temperature on the floor, bottom plate connected with the upper body, bottom contact with hvac thermostat ground insert, insert connected thermostat LN connection insert, LN extremely wiring insert with LN pole piece to cooperate, with Ann on the inner wall of the splicing column outside, L and N copper copper circle, in the shell of the splicing column in the wall socket installation L, N contact slice and plunger, plunger, the contact with the moving contact piece, installed in the cylinder of splicing column grounding small shaft and match the insert.
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