What is the function of the fan coil thermostat?

by:Edison      2020-08-27

fan coil thermostat heating and ventilation function

in the summer when the air conditioning can make the room cool, only need to adjust to temperature can be; And in the winter, also can make the room warm, is also set to temperature; If think indoor air is stuffy, can also enable ventilation function, make indoor and outdoor air circulation.

central air conditioner hvac thermostat function - Power of the fan coil thermostat memory

after the air conditioning electricity, also can maintain power before the memory, so after again and start the power supply is connected, the hvac thermostat can restore the data before the power, thus users to set it again without air conditioning, when blackout or short circuit, the function can be put to use.

fan coil thermostat function - Fan coil hvac thermostat timer switch machine function

usually, air conditioner starts, indoor people over a period of time to feel the temperature change, so, if in the summer to the office again after open air conditioning, must undergo a brief stuffy; If you enable boot function regularly, you can set up an earlier time, when someone enter indoor, can immediately into the cool and refreshing world.

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