What is the main use of electric heating thermostat

by:Edison      2020-09-23

high electric heating thermostat test indoor temperature and set temperature higher than for a long time, the control of fan coil fan and electric fire water valve, improve indoor temperature is high, the special role. To adapt to the two pipe lines to/four disciplines, two/three electric three-way valve, three speed control of fan coil units. With RS485 interface (online road FC270C have only) To access to the building automation system operation. Popularity for top malls, star hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, folk houses, etc.

electric heating thermostat electric water heater electric heating thermostat with copper pieces of metal yield level contact, from copper to heat shrink a little sensitive so arrange value during the high temperature did not arrive, the shape of a copper sheet metal is circuity, then it is closed on contact. Arranged in the water is heated to high temperature when the water in the heat conduction to the electric heating thermostat copper copper from heated straight above will contact bounce off power into the situation. During high temperature degradation of copper and repair to the original situation make contact connected into electric heat situation. 。

electric heating thermostat, this is a have a bimetallic strip with external new electric heating thermostat packaging. Electric heating thermostat first purpose is for various electric packaging too hot hot spells for a long time, common use with thermal fuse series. Electric heating hvac thermostat as important maintenance, thermal fuse in the electric heating thermostat failure as a secondary maintenance, two productive agents, immune to burn out electric heating element and the formation of flood events.

electric heating thermostat first under the will and the power cord, the sensing line of fire fan and electric heating thermostat coupled and current research: if the three-phase high temperature reflects the overall uniform, like clockwork alarm toghter overtemperature alarm lamp and trip indicator respite, manually or by hand press panel button, indicator, if the fire fan the fire fan fluctuations should be manually or active buttons to push, fire indicator respite, fan the fire fan should stop rolling, but overall analysis of electric heating thermostat routine operation.

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