What kinds of air-conditioner thermostat points?

by:Edison      2020-08-31

the cooler hvac thermostat several points?

the thermostat is one of the important parts of air-conditioner refrigeration temperature control, so the cooler what kind of common thermostat are there? Air-conditioner temperature controller in three kinds: normal thermostat, fixed temperature thermostat and semi-automatic frost type thermostat open models.

1, normal thermostat in adjusting the hvac thermostat gear controlled by its open and stop when temperature will change along with the change of gear, when increasing the gear ( Temperature control knob clockwise) , the control of open and stop the temperature goes down, the reducing gear temperature control point rise.

2, fixed temperature model affects only downtime gear knob of the thermostat, temperature has no effect on start temperature, regardless of the big gear or the small gear, freezers boot temperature constant.

3, semi-automatic cream type thermostat belongs to the normal temperature controller in the temperature control function, because more than a half automation frost button, increased the semi-automatic frost's function, so called semi-automatic cream type thermostat.

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