What standards are followed during motorised valve production?
The manufacturing of motorised valve is not merely in accordance with the business norm, but also operates based on the international standard. Strict standardized manufacturing process facilitates the secure operation and rigorous guarantee of the goods. Compared with other producers, Edison Co., Ltd. has been put quality first to carry out the production process. This guarantees the smooth manufacturing procedure and efficient business operation from selecting raw materials to selling products.

Taking the lead in the market of producing bath shower mixer has been the position of Edison Company brand. heating room thermostat produced by Edison Company is very popular in the market. Edison Company ac compressor control valve is treated with fire-retardant, ecologically-friendly fabrics, and chemically safe dyes. Its raw materials are skin-friendly. Due to its excellent sensitivity, the product has a very short response time. Performance and advantages of prv valve: water pressure reducing valve. The product requires no hard maintenance work.

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