What type of household central air conditioning

by:Edison      2020-08-31
Household central air conditioner hvac thermostat (< P> Household central air conditioning) Is a large central air conditioning of the air system and fan-coil system miniaturization of independent air conditioning system. Its principle and structure and the large central air conditioning cooling/heating, cooling/heating, by a host through a duct or cold and hot water pipe connect multiple terminal equipment, the wind out cold dimming to different areas, to achieve the purpose of indoor air conditioning. It combines the convenience of large central air conditioning, comfortable, high-grade and traditional small fission machine of simple flexible aspects of advantages and is suitable for villas, apartments, family homes and all kinds of industrial and commercial place hidden type air conditioning. Household central air conditioning as a very mature products, with its low price and good quality, in recent years in Europe and the United States and other countries has been widely used, apartments and villas utilization rate as high as 80%. In our country, the sales volume and speed of use of household central air conditioning in recent years are also exponentially.

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