Which refrigeration air-conditioning three-speed switch

by:Edison      2020-09-04

the central air conditioning three-speed switch the topic, in the central air conditioning switch industry belongs to the hot topic, in view of the central air conditioning three-speed switch the topic we do some research, the following are some of our research results, the hope can help you.

a minimum of the central air conditioning terminal control products.

it can only control the fan on and off and the size of the wind speed, typically for high, medium and low three gear speed, thus its name three-speed switch. Unable to control the coil waterway ( Chilled water or hot water) , so can't to precise temperature adjustment.

more hope to have certain help to you, if you still don't understand, welcome to telephone to contact us, we will provide you a detailed answer! Also welcome to visit our site l research at the same time.

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