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Why do you so tired as a purchaser

Why do you so tired as a purchaser


s a purchaser, not so easy and not just type at your computer or has several phone calls regularly until working off. Actually you have to experiencing more difficult varies and situation, and meet more and more kinds of people.
Sometimes, you really feel tried, why? Surely if you could find some nice suppliers, it’s should be worth and enjoyable. But most of time you couldn’t be so easy to find a nice supplier after you met and even given orders to several suppliers, you would be depressed.
As a purchaser, the highest duty is buying products with high quality, low cost and arrival in exact time. Meanwhile could be enjoyed the best customer service

However, following situations could be generally happen:

1, Human error, missing production plans, missing orders, missed production, forgotten delivery time, etc.
2, Good quality suppliers are very busy for their production and usually give priority to big customer.
3, Suppliers don’t want to take risk to restock inventory, then take longer delivery time.
4, Purchased raw material can’t be delivered in time, and be short of workman, then delay the delivery time.
5, Price is good but the supplier may be lack of credibility assurance, lack of formal and standardized management, failure to withstand the scrutiny of government regulators and the risk of policy changes, the factory may close at any time.
6, Internal contradictions among suppliers, may they could disband in any time, so may happen anything.
7, Supplier may suffer natural disaster like Typhoon, earthquake, floods, but the supplier did not buy entire insurance.
8, Be possibly to rise price in any reasons.
9, ECN comes suddenly and quickly in order to improve quality but it’s necessary.
10, Quality is perfect and manufacturing ability and serving are extremely good but production capacity is limited and price is too high over out of my bill.

……………So many happens cause you to be uncomfortable and fell tired for this job. How could be handled them with ease and easy?

A very experienced purchase shares how to minimize these situations and handling your purchases can get twice the result with half the effort.

1.You should be willing to cost time to find a nice supplier. Never don’t to be hurry and should be comprehensive assessment of suppliers from it’s cost control,  supply chain management and control, manufacturing service ability, Quality control, production capacity and R&D ability. Certainly try to know more about suppliers’ corporate information like cooperation culture, organizational chat, employee’s training, social responsibility and their cooperated customers…etc
2.Quality is the most important for a purchaser, so you must to perform source inspections and process audits at the supplier’s manufacturing facilities. To sign a Supplier Quality Agreement and make Supplier Quality Questionnaire are necessary.
3.To be preventive for failures is to make plans ahead of time and effective management for your purchases. Try to talk with sales and know about customers and market will be assisted for your purchasing plans and analysis.
4.Time of urgent purchasing should be included in your purchasing plans. It’s unavoidable to have some urgent purchasing.

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