Why do you want to install thermostatic valve and heat distribution list?

by:Edison      2020-09-05
Thermostatic valve and heat distribution table is Italian property administrator in recent years, and residents at the meeting is often a topic of dispute: a lot of people don't know why you want to install this thing? Thermostatic valve manufacturer, here through some common questions and answers to introduce the benefits of these devices. As the eu 2012/27 / UE regulations concerning modern building energy-saving renovation, the Italian government also introduced a new corresponding laws and regulations: as deadline on December 31, 2016, in building use central heating system must be installed on each radiator thermostatic valve and heat distribution list. The first question has the answer: because of the laws and regulations, no modification will have to pay a fine ( Up to 3000 euro) System upgrade, so be sure to. Of course, the government will through tax cuts residents to support the use of energy-saving equipment. Another aspect is, the use of these devices not only because of energy saving, and can more objectively and fairly, heating fee, the rule is simple: 'use less, spend less. Up to now, in the use of central heating system is still in the Italian old buildings according to the area the size of the heating rate. Temperature control and heat metering is mainly by the installation of the two devices on each radiator: 1, thermostatic valve, installed in the water supply end of the radiator, temperature control effect was achieved by it. According to the hvac thermostat set scale value, thermostatic valve adjusting flow to ensure a constant indoor temperature. The Numbers on the hvac thermostat scale corresponding to the required indoor temperature.

2, heat distribution table: installed in the radiator on the surface, this equipment can directly read the radiator heat release. Its small size ( Slightly smaller than the ordinary mobile phone) , it fixed in the radiator surface by installation personnel, equipment stored in the characteristics of each type of radiator and data: height, thickness, length, material, etc. , so it can be read very accurately the energy consumption data of all kinds of radiator.

installation using the advantage of q: thermostatic valve installation is expensive and heat distribution list? A: install the thermostatic valve and heat distribution table with low cost, because does not involve the transformation of the whole system, also does not affect the change of the architectural appearance, only half a day, to complete the installation of a set of common area residents. Q: what are the actual discount for individual users? Answer: the installation of energy-saving equipment users can receive subsidies ( Is about 10 - the cost of equipment 20%) 。 In no one living room or home situation for a long time, the user can turn off the valve ( No longer consumes energy, reducing heating costs) 。 Q: for using thermostatic valve, the building of the energy saving effect how? A: install thermostatic valve can reduce system inner loop flow, reduce pump load, the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction. Q: whether the user at home all day because more time indoors so should pay more money? A: no. On the contrary, those users can because instead of staying at home all day to stay inside, the whole building cost by temperature control may be less of a few families. They can adjust the room temperature in the home to avoid energy waste caused by overheating. Q: will there be a improper operation will increase cost? A: don't worry, only the change of room temperature affect cost. Heat distribution table read data show only the energy consumption data for the user. Therefore, by changing the scale on the constant temperature controller to adjust the indoor temperature, to achieve the effect of comfortable. Timely adjustment is very important. Q: thermostatic valve noise? A: thermostatic valve does not bring any organ or gear, if properly installed does not produce noise. If raw noise from the valve body need to consulting the installation personnel to solve the problem of system balance and differential pressure. Q: when I was not at home also can adjust the temperature? A: go out every day when adjusting temperature there won't be obvious energy saving effect ( If go out for a few hours) When she got home, because when need more heat will increase and restore the comfortable degree of indoor temperature. Instead, a long time (from home For example a week) Lower temperature to help. Q: can I lock the thermostat setting? A: hvac thermostat with lock setting, can simply lock set temperature, so avoid child accidentally touch lead to temperature change by mistake. Q: thermal radiation intensity distribution list? A: heat distribution table is two-way radio frequency (rf) type ( Send, receive) 。 In everyday situations, it won't be any continuous output signal, only when professionals need to read energy consumption data transmission signal, namely once or twice a year, every time a few seconds. And heat distribution table distance from us, its output power is very small, about 10 mw, far less than the ordinary smartphones from 125 to 600 mw. Q: what is heat distribution table calculation basis? A: heat distribution table energy metering pursuant to the formula of the UNI EN 834: each heat distribution table of heat calculation according to the characters of its installation radiator, Height, length, thickness, material, etc. ) , calculate the radiator heat output. Q: what are artificial disturbance resistant heat distribution table? A: heat distribution table have human disorders prevention function, if you can't touch or operation lead to imbalance, it will automatically record disorder of time and display the error in the reading. Accident causes heat distribution table does not work must contact the property administrator as soon as possible, let staff will return to normal operation state.
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