Why is water heater installed after the thermostatic valve also hot and cold? Thermostatic valve manufacturer to answer for you

by:Edison      2020-09-06

thermostatic valve have been installed in the home, not to say that 'thermostatic valve' is the solution to the problem of hot and cold? Whether by merchants under the set of 'pit'? Thermostatic valve factory small make up for you to answer why the water heater after the thermostatic valve installation and hot and cold?

is explained for the net friend of tangled problem:

'it's not a thermostatic valve adjustment problems. It's a matter of pressure. Solar energy water heater pressure is commonly used, is the use of height difference to water, but use tap water pressure and gas water heater is the same. Because it is a top floor, the pressure of the solar small. Different pressure, can't share the same mix water valve. Therefore recommend use, shut down one of the hot water! Or add a small booster pump on solar energy. '

in fact, it's only a matter of installing a thermostatic valve after, really need to see specific situation.

thermostatic valve used long sometimes also can appear some fault. 1

malfunction. Only cold water

1. Cold water pressure is too great, the solution to the cold water into the water down once resolved.

2. Check valve problems, the solution to separate temperature cold water inlet valve and pipeline, check reply with screwdriver bits.

3 reasons. Water not closed. Solution to check the thermostatic valve with the water water is closed, such as open water, hot water is certainly can't put it out.

2 breakdowns. Only the hot water or water generally

solution 1. Suggestions in the hot water pipe installation as ball valve, open, and use it every time when not shut up, it can greatly reduce the repair rate.

2. Too much stress on the hot water or cold water pressure is too low, the solution to the hot water imports down once resolved.

3 reasons. Check the problem, the solution: separate the thermostatic hot water inlet valve and pipeline, check reply with screwdriver bits.

4 reasons. Hot water temperature is too high, the only solution to solar fill cold water can be, or such as solar temperature drop.

3. Hot and cold water mix has been to solar water

solution 1. Check the thermostatic valve with the water water is closed, if not close, close to solve the problem. Check the problem, the separation of hot and cold water inlet and pipeline, with screwdriver can be reset.

3。 With 1, 2, methods haven't solve the problem, is the thermostatic valve core problem, hair replacement valve core from the manufacturer.

4 breakdowns. Thermostatic valve being frozen bad

solution. Into the winter please open the water flow switch, gently twist water drain valve, memory draw off the shell, prevent winter freezing

fault 5. Leaking

solution 1. Such as leak valve core, the valve core with Allen removed, reassemble.

solution 2. Such as check valve is leaking back, with 19 a prong wrench counterclockwise tight can

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