Why parts maintenance | to replace thermostatic valve?

by:Edison      2020-09-07
What are the harm if the section temperature valve problems? If the jacket water temperature is too high, the section temperature valve will automatically open the cooler water released into the engine; When the engine arriving at normal operating temperature, the water temperature within the section temperature valve will shut down automatically to prevent foreign relatively cold water into the engine. However, when the section temperature valve after aging, the section temperature valve may not be able to keep the normal switch action rule, and lead to excessive engine cooling. Too cold and overheating will bring great damage on an engine, will cause the engine internal parts such as sleeve can't maintain design heat bilges cold shrink, resulting in the cylinder scratched or can't meet the design seal degree. These hazards can cause what consequence? 1. Run too cold can make carbon deposition in the engine combustion Chambers, and very easy to accumulate in the inlet and exhaust valve; 2. Too cold burn caused by dirt and sulphuric acid corrosion of engine piston sealing ring and valve guide, lead to unnecessary wear and tear, seriously to reduce these parts up to 80% of the life! Whether can prevent? In order to be able to use the engine, according to the regular maintenance process, recommend replacing every year thermostatic valve, don't because of the small and big loss. As for the problem of health section temperature valve, by monitoring the engine load of cooling water temperature to realize monitoring ( If you use the caterpillar MAI system, will be more accurate to help you predict! ) 。 In the event of engine running at 80 degrees Celsius below even, please consider replacing section temperature valve immediately. For different models may have different Numbers of each machine valve section temperature, but, no matter how much the number if a problem occurs, the proposal of a complete set of change. What are the benefits? Running in good condition of the section temperature valve can help you to keep the engine cooling water temperature in the design, help you to increase fuel economy, increase the service life, even is to enhance the use of engine performance!
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