Why use constant mix water valve of water supply system

by:Edison      2020-09-07
Why use constant mix water valve of water supply system mix water valve provides the following benefits: this one is straight from the temperature of the water discharge of the water heater can change the article 10 c or more. This may be due to the control of tolerance, the change of water temperature and stacking ( The water heater at the top of the high temperature) . Constant mix water valve factory is introduced using thermostatic mixing valve, even in hot water and cold water supply temperature change, also can ensure a constant water temperature. If water heater is working under low temperature, if the recovery time of water heater is not enough to meet the demand of the flow, so high traffic demand will lead to a drop in temperature of hot water supply. Use water heater or mix water valve can make the water heater work at higher temperatures, flow rate and extend the effective system to prevent the growth of legionella bacteria.

in order to meet the needs of domestic hot water, usually need to provide the high recovery rate of the high capacity of the water heater. Use hot water can reduce the size of the need to provide the system peak demand capacity/BTU requirements.

in the fixture system pipeline heat loss leads to provide different lamps and lanterns of the temperature of the hot and cold water. The use of the thermostatic mixing valve to ensure the constant hot water temperature to the connection point. Please refer to the selected type of specification to determine allow inlet temperature range to maintain the desired outlet temperature. Design considering all defects in supply hot water use the mix water valve should be trapped. Capture the valve helps reduce mineral deposits and premature wear and tear parts. Heater helps to reduce convection losses also know siphon, improve the system efficiency. All globe valves mix water valve should be installed an isolation valve to valve repair and maintenance. Check valve check valve to ensure water flow in one direction. They prevent hot siphon water cold water supply. When a pressure difference between hot and cold water supply, increase the check valve should be considered. Check valve is a kind of application meets the requirements. Check the standard series. Before placing mixing valve, should be thoroughly flushed water supply system.
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