Wifi thermostat is applied to the intelligent household

by:Edison      2020-08-31

the Internet to the field of smart home, install a wifi thermostat indoors, the indoor temperature and humidity can be real-time uploaded to the Internet, the convenience of using computer to login page to check the monitor. Wifi hvac thermostat is committed to solve for the target environment monitor and control, sensor to temperature, humidity, passed to wifi, MCU by wifi to the Internet, so as to realize a remote monitoring.

collection terminal is mainly composed of three parts, one is the wifi development board, the board is a MCU control, collect data and the data according to certain format via a serial port to send out; 2 it is serial display part, this is to say, is the reality of the current values of temperature and humidity; Three is made LTE140 shangfang instrument, is an embedded passthrough module, UART directly into a wifi signal, of course you can not do more on this development, or practical, throughput rate to 1. 6Mbps。

of course, an important link, is the WIFI data directly through to the target host on the network, the monitoring data on the site. Internet web server as long as a normal job, you where there is network can anytime, anywhere viewing.

the hvac thermostat is mainly composed of MCU, a serial port level conversion circuit, power supply module and so on seven typical parts. Web server browser interface of data as real-time refresh automatically real-time monitoring.
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