Wireless temperature controller

by:Edison      2020-08-29

automobil security network - in Google to the high price of $3. 2 billion, after acquisition of smart home equipment provider Nestlabs Nest thermostat quickly became a global intelligence lives in 'star' products. Shortly after fame, however, the function of learning, 'in the field of hvac thermostat iPod,' said the intelligent household products was one of America's authoritative evaluation magazine consumer reports ( ConsumerReports) As 'not necessary', the main reason is that it 'set doesn't seem intuitive interface, at the same time as a result of the automatic software update mechanism, sometimes there will be more bugs, experience is not stable. '

' inside and outside and repair the Nest thermostat is not as reliable, its reputation to appear so to achieve automatic control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment ( Such as air conditioners, electric heater, etc. ) In setting, let indoor temperature constant temperature, what shall we do? The thermostat manufacturers themselves to adjust? Do it yourself to achieve our purpose obviously it's not what we want. So is there a product has the Nest thermostat similar function and can overcome its deficiency of the product? Of course, next we are going to introduce products - — Wireless temperature controller is a such a product.

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