Working principle of the constant mix water valve is what?

by:Edison      2020-09-07

mix water valve can control the hot and cold water in and out, provides the daily life of people with a lot of convenience, but people use for a long time will feel to adjust the proper water temperature too troublesome, sometimes need around adjust several times to reach, while the constant mix water valve is a good way to solve this problem. So what is the constant mix water valve? With constant mix water valve? Working principle of the constant mix water valve? There is the question of the friends followed thermostatic valve factory small make up to find the answer.

what is the constant mix water valve?

constant mix water valve is a common heat warming system supporting products, widely used in electric water heater, etc. The central heating water system. And can be used in electric water heater and solar water heater, the owners can according to their own needs to adjust the temperature of hot and cold water, and can quickly reach required temperature and stabilized, guarantee the water temperature is constant, and is not affected by water temperature, flow rate and pressure change, solve the problem of the bath when the water temperature of hot and cold. When interruption of cold water, mix water valve can automatically shut off the hot water within a short period of time, which guarantees the personal safety.

constant mix water valve works?

1, the constant mix water valve under the condition of not rated power consumption can be high temperature water to adjust to the desired water temperature;

2, when stop water supply side of hot and cold water supply, constant mix water valve can be closed water voluntarily, in order to prevent the problems such as hot and cold shock;

3 shake, even in the cold and hot water temperature or pressure, constant mix water valve can ensure that mix water temperature stable, eliminate the shower hot and cold shock caused by the damage.

constant mix water valve working principle:

in the mixture of constant mix water valve outlet place, equipped with a thermal element, can take advantage of the thermal characteristics of the original driving body valve core is moving, opened or block of cold and hot water inlet. In blocking the cold water and hot water, after the temperature control knob set a certain temperature, no matter how cold and hot water inlet temperature, pressure changes, the proportion of cold and hot water into the outlet change, keeping water temperature is constant, the temperature control knob can be set by the product temperature range set arbitrary, constant mix water valve will maintain the water temperature automatically.

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