Working principle of the electric water heater thermostat _ how electric water heater thermostat wiring

by:Edison      2020-08-24

how working principle of the electric water heater hvac thermostat _ electric water heater hvac thermostat wiring

the thermostat (s) are the main components of the electric water heater, it can realize automatic on and off, always within the preset temperature heating. Then the working principle of electric water heater and connection method, as you all know?

working principle of the electric water heater thermostat

electric water heater thermostat contacts made of copper metal pieces, because copper is more sensitive to the heat from the cold in temperature reaches the set value and the copper sheet metal is curved shape, then it is closed on contact. Water when the water is heated to set the temperature of the heat conduction to the thermostat copper copper because heat unbend above will contact bounce off into a state of power cuts. When the temperature drop of copper back to its original state to contact on into electricity heating condition. 。

how electric water heater thermostat wiring

electric water heater thermostat points different manufacturers, different series of different types, connection can't mechanical copy, same thermostat and tap different probe, the instruction manual can be found corresponding to the thermostat hvac thermostat, or instrument notes will be marked on the thermostat, shows that the thermostat which probe. Probe is normally open normally closed, are resistance properties of different materials, different temperature control points.

the thermostat wiring mainly has three kinds: thermocouple wiring, output connection or call control, temperature compensation resistance connection; Output voltage output, current output and switch output, control wiring can be one or two or three group. The probe is also called the thermocouple or temperature sensors. After 123 heat resistance ( 3 wire system) The 23 of by thermocouple in zero, connect with fire ( 220V) High, low total, is the control of contact, if you want to external 220 v relay expansion flow, total phase, low side by relay. The point at the other end received upper. Don't forget to low and interrupt ( The default is short answer like)

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